On Friday, February 19th John Thorpe participated in United Ways Sleepless in Our Cities. John spent a night sleeping in his car to bring awareness and raise funds to help homelessness in our cities. Thank you to everyone who donated, with your help John surpassed his goal of 5k.

Here is a quick message from John and some pictures from his night.

“I was lucky enough that my friend Dave stopped by just before Sidney (the dog) and I got in the car at 10. We sat with the back open looking at the stars until Evangeline came to tuck us in. At that point, Sidney decided it was my fundraiser, and went in with E:) I stayed in the car until shortly after 8. All told there were about 40 people participating and they raised over 75K. Thanks to you guys I exceeded my goal of 5K (and made top 5 fundraisers).

I have had a few questions in common so thought I would share the answers with all:

Was it cold? Yes

Where were you sleeping? Driveway

Where was your washroom? Same

Was it cold? Again yes.

How cold was it? the only time I checked at 3am it was -8

How did you sleep? surprisingly not bad.

Overall it was an interesting experience and certainly added perspective to the plight of the homeless – I was in a car well set up with air mattress, sleeping bags, blankets, and still …. glad to be in my bed tonight.”

Thank you everyone for your support!

Here are some photos from John’s night