We are thrilled by the overwhelming support shown for Rob, Logan, and Diana in The United Way’s Sleepless in Our Cities fundraiser. Your generous donations are not just a contribution; they are a lifeline for those experiencing homelessness in our communities. With your help, we can provide essential resources and support to those in need, making a tangible impact on their lives. It is with great pride that we announce Rob as the top fundraiser, a testament to his dedication and the incredible support he received from all of you.

The United Way’s Sleepless in Our Cities campaign embodies the spirit of community and compassion, bringing people together to make a real difference. Through this campaign, we are not just raising funds; we are raising awareness and empathy for those facing homelessness. Your support is not only changing lives but also changing perceptions, showing that together, we can create a more caring and inclusive community for all. Thank you to everyone who donated, supported, and participated in Sleepless in Our Cities. Your support is truly making a difference in the fight against homelessness.