About Utter Morris Insurance Brokers Limited


W.F Utter, and his son Lloyd opened W.F Utter & Son Realty and Insurance in 1927 with the belief that he could provide a valuable service to the community that they were so proud to be a part of. From the very beginning, they began to form solid, honest relationships with all of their customers. Lloyd’s father retired four years later leaving the family business to him. Lloyd’s hard work and dedication allowed his small operation to succeed, despite the economic turmoil in the first half of the century.

After many prosperous years, Lloyd Utter sold the brokerage to John Morris in 1961, leaving behind a tradition of excellence that Mr. Morris would continue under the name Utter/Morris Insurance Brokers. Shortly afterward John moved from their Brant St location to 484 Guelph Line (at New St), where the business was located until moving to our present location in 1990.

During his career, John Morris also continued the Utter/Morris tradition of community involvement most notably as the Rotary Club district governor, responsible for coordinating Rotary club activities from Buffalo to Cambridge. After his retirement in 1981, he formed Probus, a club for retired Rotary members.

In 1980 after a long career with a major insurance company, Fred Thorpe bought the business and became its third president. Seeing no need to change a name that carried so much respect, Mr. Thorpe continued to operate the business under the name Utter/Morris Insurance Brokers. He shouldered the daunting task of seeing his business through the rapidly changing insurance industry in the eighties, and nineties. To help him do this, he brought his son John on board in 1985, then his other son Robert in 1989. Together they worked to ensure that their business continue the seventy year old tradition of excellence that Lloyd Utter began seventy years earlier.

Over the years many long term employees have contributed to the success, notably Ted Verrall who was with the company for 20 years, and Martha Hazlett who was a vital part of the team for over 30 years!

In 1998 Fred Thorpe retired, leaving the business in the capable hands of his sons. Being well versed in the history of his company, John continues to be a leader in his community. He was the president of the Burlington Lakeshore Rotary Club from 1994-1995. He is the co-chairman of the annual Ribfest event which has raised over $1,000,000 for local charities. He began a dress down day, where employees contribute to a community charity fund in exchange for wearing casual clothes on Fridays. This employee fund has supported The Burlington Association for the Intellectually Handicapped, YMCA, Salvation Army, Halton Youth and Child Services as well as other charities selected by the employees.

As Utter/Morris continues to move forward, its leadership and commitment to improving both itself and its community remain strong. It has grown steadily from humble beginnings; while holding on to the core beliefs that all its owners have shared, making it a company that its employees can be proud of, and its community can rely on.

Our core guiding principles:

  • Be the leading broker in Burlington with the highest ethical and professional standards


  • Offer the highest quality coverages and service to our preferred clients at competitive premiums.


  • Help make insurance understandable to our clients


  • Provide outstanding claims service


  • In doing so we are a “One Stop” insurance center providing a broad range of products including auto, home, life, aviation and commercial insurance.